Whether you’re planning a summer trip that includes long stretches of highway driving, or just plan to keep things local this year, there are a few vital maintenance tasks for your vehicle that will ensure a successful summer driving season.

  • Your air conditioner means all the difference between a cool jaunt and a sweltering slog down the highway, so make sure it’s rising to the demands of a warm day with cold, forceful air. If it doesn’t seem to be lowering the temperature efficiently, it may need a topping up of refrigerant to perform correctly.
  • Fluids in your engine are vital for summer driving, like coolant and windshield washer fluid. If you’ve got a road trip planned, have a mechanic give your radiator a thorough check top off all your fluids.
  • Summer tires may be the correct choice over all-season tires, as the summer blend utilizes a stiffer rubber to hold up under blazing asphalt temperatures while still providing plenty of grip. Make sure your tires are rotated on schedule to promote even wear and filled to the correct level to avoid a blowout.
  • The electrolyte solution that powers your battery can evaporate in hot temperatures, leading to corrosion or battery failure. A quick check of your battery’s condition and its capability to hold a charge will offer peace of mind throughout the summer months.

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