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Toyota RAV4


You have options at the end of your lease and now is the perfect time to begin looking into which one best fits your needs. Explore some of your options:

We will also contact you during this time to review your lease agreement and answer any questions you may have.

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As you enter into the final two months of your lease, take advantage of an optional vehicle inspection performed by our independent vehicle inspection company, AutoVIN.

Inspections are complimentary and convenient, providing you with a thorough breakdown of any Excess Wear and Use your vehicle may have. Knowing this information before the end of your lease helps to eliminate surprises and allows you to more easily make well-informed decisions.

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With one month to go, you’ve most likely determined which lease-end option is the right fit. As you discover what you need to do to finalize that decision, click here to learn how your loyalty is rewarded. If you've decided on the options above, here are the steps to take:

  • > Decided to Lease
    • Make any desired vehicle repairs
    • Schedule a turn-in appointment with your dealer
    • Return your current Toyota
    • Satisfy any remaining obligations and amounts owed under your lease
  • > Decided to Purchase
    • Call us at 503-336-9872 to obtain the current payoff amount, payment mailing address and what sales documents may be necessary to finalize your purchase. Please note: you may owe amounts in addition to the quoted payoff amount.
    • Mail us your payment and any other necessary documentation

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