Your easy and friendly service visit begins the moment you arrive at Beaverton Toyota. You'll be greeted by one of our friendly service staff members to check you in and prepare your vehicle for its service visit. At Beaverton Toyota, you can be confident that our work follows manufacturer's guidelines and meets the highest standards set forth by Toyota. 

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Amenities at the Dealership 

Enjoy your time here at Beaverton while waiting for your vehicle to be serviced sitting inside our newly remodeled dealership or walking along our pet walking path alongside your furry friends. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi and coffe, alongside our Café with great tasting, healthy food and drink options to choose from. All connected to our large and relaxing customer lounge with a separate Kid Zone area!


Brakes, what do I need to know?

Proper maintenance of your vehicle's braking system is a must for performance and safety. Here are some signs that your brakes should be serviced:

  • Your brake light is on. If the emergency brake is not engaged and your brake light is on, schedule an appointment with us to have your braking system thoroughly checked.
  • When pressed, the brake pedal almost reaches the floor. If your brake pedal goes almost to the floor when you press it, have us check your brakes immediately.
  • Your vehicle is taking longer than usual to stop. If this is the case, have your brakes checked immediately.
  • The brakes squeal or make a grinding sound. Brakes squeal when the brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. If the brake pads are completely worn, the rotors will begin to make a grinding sound. Bring your vehicle to Beaverton Toyota for all brake and servicing needs.

Brakes are one of the most important parts on your Toyota. They should be serviced on a regular basis so that your car remains safe to operate.

You should also be aware of your brake fluid, brake pads, and master cylinder when experiencing any issues with your vehicle. If your brake pedal starts to give or feels squishy, one of these parts likely has an issue. If you're noticing that it's harder to stop on inclines or in inclement weather, you need to get your car checked out as soon as possible.

You can find the right brakes for your vehicle when you bring your car to our service department near Vancouver, WA. While our technicians specialize in Toyota vehicles like the Rav4 and Camry, they are well versed in common automotive issues and have access the parts you need to keep your passengers safe.


The Importance of Tires & Alignments

The right tires contribute to improved vehicle handling and performance and can impact fuel efficiency as well as safety. If your tires are showing signs of wear, now's the time to give Beaverton Toyota a call. 

We are dedicated to educating our Guests on proper tire maintenance, provide competitive pricing and are your one stop shop for every tire and service related. Our highly trained Toyota technicians will ensure that your tires are mounted, balanced and inflated to match your vehicle's specifications.


Your vehicle's wheel alignment can be negatively affected by driving on rough or poorly maintained roads. Misalignment can lead to uneven tire wear and less than optimal handling and fuel economy. Here are some signs of tire misalignment:

  • Your vehicle pulls to the left or right
  • The steering wheel is off-center when you're driving in a straight line
  • Squealing tires
  • Uneven or rapid tire wear
Watch how tire wear plays a large role in your ability to brake.

If you suspect your vehicle's wheels are misaligned, schedule an appointment. We can check the alignment with our precision equipment and adjust it if necessary.

We're Here to Help You

Our team is committed to fulfilling all of your automotive needs every day here in Beaverton. Drivers all across Portland and Vancouver trust us to keep their vehicles in top shape. We guarantee we can find the part or accessory you want at an affordable price. Have questions about service or parts for your vehicle? Does your Toyota need repaired? Whatever you need, trust in Beaverton Toyota to get it done.


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